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My muse and I can’t seem to get our heads into the next story about Sebastian in my Billionaire series. I have sat in my office, hands poised over the keyboard and nada.

I was advised to do more research on the subject, so I went to the library and checked out stories written by other authors who have written about billionaires. I know my ideas are different so that’s a good sign.

Yesterday, I got one page completed and when I looked at it before this? I am not pleased. Argh!

On a sad note, I decided to adjust my Christmas Card list; adding and deleting when I learned that a well respected friend of mine had passed away. I knew she was having serious health problems but her death saddened me. Karen was a great boss and a very intelligent woman. I will miss her. She was very supportive of my writing career.

Perhaps my muse is giving me time to grieve. But Karen would’ve said, “Don’t stop because of me!”
I won’t.

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