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Back tracking today. For our wedding anniversary just last week, my sister gave us tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas. It’s been a while since I went to a concert, since I’ve been so focused on my writing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and TSO put on quite the show.

I have always loved music and self taught myself to play piano when I was little. In high school, I decided to major in music, wanting to teach it. Because of the lateness of my training, I wasn’t really that good by the time I got to college, but I had a very supportive teaching staff and they knew I gave more than 100%. They encouraged me to go into teaching because of my enthusiasm.

It was at the University of Illinois when my enthusiasm diminished. I was working on my masters and the fellow students were cruel and unforgiving. Bullying at it’s finest. Even though I graduated in a year, I didn’t even go to the ceremony because I was done with that place.

I had my first teaching job with a grade school chorus of over 300 students. That put the nail in the coffin for me. I moved on to Computer Science and technical writing.

I still love music and follow all genres. Because of my training, I cannot listen to music while working on something complex because I find myself analyzing each note rather than my task at hand.

I bring this up because at the TSO concert, I realized I should have pursued Music Therapy. We were surrounded by children with disabilities of all kinds and the joy and rapture on their faces listening to this music broke my heart. Yes, their brains are wired differently, but the power of music brings us together.

The same holds true of ballet and art. Powerful stuff!