After last week, this one has been quiet. I was able to get a lot of writing and planning done for my Billionaire series. The problem is that I’ve had it critiqued by my first of many readers and had a lot of suggestions to make it a better story in order to let the series flow from one story to the next. In other words, back to the drawing board.

Okay. I’m going on a rant here. I realize that I’m old school. I still look forward to getting my US Mail. At this time of year, I enjoy getting Christmas cards from my friends and those who are not on Facebook or don’t send email, it’s good to hear from them.

Problem? Neighbors who insist their guests park in front of our house, hence blocking our mail box. We have brick mailboxes in front of our house, so the postal worker comes in a little truck and zips down the street delivering and picking up out going mail. Now, these neighbors are professional people and around my age, some younger but not by much. Teachers. You’d think they would respect the law, but it’s all about them.

Our postal worker, Anthony, is new and introduced himself to my husband. Now, they’re buddies. He was telling us that with the funeral of George Bush, they were set back a day during the busiest time of the year and they’re all supposed to put in overtime to get the mail out. He usually comes around one or two in the afternoon but as of late, he’s been coming at 5:30 and as late as 7.

Neighbor who is a teacher, threw a party where all of her colleagues showed up around 4 and boom! Right in front of our mailbox. My husband worked from home that day and was infuriated with them. Yes, they can park in front of our house but please don’t block the mailbox. He went running out there, in the pouring down rain, advising these fellow teachers not to block the mailbox. Most were polite, others were down right nasty because they didn’t want to walk in the rain. But they didn’t listen to his advice where to park and drove off in a hurry.

When Anthony did come, two late comers saw the spot in front of our mailbox and made a bee line. Little me comes running out there with no coat, umbrella and flip flops and chased them away.

Anthony thanked me and told me I should join the NFL and become a blocker!

These are teachers. They are not setting a good example in my book!

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