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This has been a very busy week for me. I had my annual mammogram under my new insurance, Aetna. So far, they’ve been good to me.

I had an annual eye appointment to learn that I have Dry Eye. I’ve been taking eye drops but now the doctor wants me to try this Bruder Mask. It arrived yesterday and I swear, there’s always a catch. It’s like a sleeping mask that you put into the microwave for 20 seconds and underneath the mask, you put this special cloth over your eyes. They provided two cloth packets but you can buy a box of 35 of them for $20. Also, if you use the mask for more than 6 months, you should buy a new one. Of course, it’s not covered under insurance. But I need to use it to help my blurry vision!

Then with the critters. We’ve sealed all openings from the outside into the house and hopefully, no one is getting into our attic anymore. We have a really weird roof. It’s all angles is the best way to describe it. One attic, a walk in, is over our bedroom and the other attic which houses the A/C and furnace is over the back bedroom. The rest of the house is just roof. I’m telling you this because of what happened the other day.

I’m in the kitchen making dinner and I hear this scratching noise over my head and I’m freaking out. What is it that’s crawling over my roof? Whatever it is, I remind myself that it won’t get in the house, so maybe it’s looking for a new place to enter? Yesterday, while I was sitting at the kitchen table, I heard a noise on the kitchen window. Here a squirrel was trying to climb to the roof using the window screen to boost itself up. I screamed, it stopped, clinging to the window screen and finally jumped off and ran away. I swear, critters are going to drive me nuts!

On Friday, I accompanied my adult daughter to the orthodontist for a consultation. (You see, I used to work for Blue Cross Blue Shield as a claim supervisor. I also wrote claim payment programs for CIGNA and other insurance companies. I know my stuff.) Which is why I went. Anyway, she wore braces as a teenager and got them off when she was in college. During that time, we moved from Pennsylvania to Texas and had to switch orthodontist and dentists. The ortho lady is very good and reasonable. The dentist she found is a ‘cosmetic’ dentist and is quite pricey. You have to say, ‘No! I can’t afford that and I don’t want to do that right now.’ My daughter still wears a retainer from the braces. On her routine visit, the dentist had her in tears. After looking at the x-rays, she gave my daughter the news that all of her bottom teeth have worn down and need to be crowned and looking down the road to possible jaw surgery to the tune of $10,000. Um, what? She’s been seeing this dentist for almost ten years and you’re just now finding this out? Second opinion. I was proud of myself with this consultation because I kept quiet and let my daughter do the talking. End result. Night guard to stop her from grinding her teeth.

Talk about stress? But the good news is…I have a title for my Billionaire Book! Say No to a Billionaire!

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