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Breakout Heat has a new release date for next year. I will keep you posted.

Christmas cards are out and the house is decorated. Now, I need time to write and review. I tell you, sometimes I get discouraged and have to give myself a pep talk. I know I can do this and have the mind set to accomplish writing. Perhaps a five mile walk will clear my head. Oh, wait. It’s only 40 degrees out there. I guess it’s the treadmill.

On a lighter note, I took my husband grocery shopping with me this Friday. We’re trying to trim our budget and not spend so much on restaurants and trips to the bar to watch our football team. So, I made up a list for WalMart and Kroger.

We went to WalMart first and survived until we got to the self check out line. My husband’s first job in life was a bagger and stock boy at the local grocery shop in Chicago. So, I put the items on the belt and he scanned and bagged. That is until my list with the attached coupons fell onto the belt and went underneath the belt. oops. I’ve never done that before. We had to call the lead cashier for help. Did you know there’s a tray under the belt to catch garbage? Well, there is and was able to retrieve my coupons. Now that we had everyone’s attention another embarrassing My husband pulls out his debit card to pay for the groceries and forgets his PIN. He never uses it unless to withdraw money. This whole grocery thing threw him off course. We both have different PINs so I had no clue what it was. We had to cancel the card and we used mine. Always an adventure.

Next stop was the Post Office. I wanted to use the automated machines to mail my sister in law’s present. The machines were down and the worker in charge was confused why the machines wouldn’t boot up. Lois, the Help Desk person, kicked into gear. I had him unplug the machines in the back and plug them back in. Viola!

By now, my husband is looking at me like I’m possessed but we still had to go to Kroger. Fortunately, it was a smooth trip with no mishaps.

By the way, my husband said he would pass next time. He should know it’s always something with me!