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My first Billionaire book in the three part series is done!!!! Woo Hoo! Alex, (My hero) and I had a deep discussion and he agreed with the changes. I ripped out about 5000 words and reworked the ending and am very pleased with it. Now comes the editing to make sure I have caught all loose ends before I give it to my beta reader. It’s only taken a year but YAY! Also, I have an outline for the second book. But, oh wait. Still no title. Alex said he’s hiding it from for now. I can’t wait for you to meet him!

On another note, have you ever done something really dumb because you’re in a hurry or not awake? Well, I did. Right now, I’m going through a stressful time in my life and allergies are not helping. I’m having a bad case of Dry Eye. I tried Visine and similar products and they didn’t work. I went to the optometrist and she recommended these drops of Retaine. They come in small plastic tubes for a single use. Well, let me tell you, there is too much in them for a single use and I open one and use it until it’s empty.

The plastic tube has a cap on it which you twist off and then they’re ready for use. In my haste on Friday morning, I stuck myself in the left eye with the tube while trying to put the drops in my eye. Do you know how sharp that plastic is? OMG! Fortunately, it was in the white part of the eye and not my actual cornea but what pain! I could still see, but I couldn’t keep my eye open because it hurt so badly. And because my eye was dry, when I blinked it was painful.

I called the doctor’s office and was assured it was just a scratch and to let it sit over night and if still wasn’t better, then to come in to take a look at it. I was also told to lubricate it more than normal to help it heal. Friday was a disaster as was Friday night. Saturday, it finally subsided in the morning and I worked on my book. Big mistake. I should’ve let it rest.

Today, it feels 90% better but I’ve learned not to push it. I will never be in a hurry again while using eye drops. Learned my lesson!!!