It started out as a productive week with my writing, but then it went downhill quickly. Home maintenance took the top priority for the rest of the week. Which is why I’m writing a sequel to When the Runway Went South. Sometimes I think we’re the only ones who have had so many problems with our home, but then I see the repair trucks parked in front of our neighbor’s home. It’s not just us. Plumbing, electrical, blown water heaters, window replacement. The fun never ends. And let’s not forget about the hours long power outages!

And the copious amount of rain we’ve had NOT due to Florence. Eight inches on Friday night that caused flooded roads and pools. We needed the rain, yes. But not all at once!

The good news is that my web designer and I signed a contract. Monica does excellent work and I highly recommend her if you’re in need.

Awaiting the edits for Breakout Heat. My editor has been busy and she is so talented. I wish I could do half of the things she does. Yay, Chel!

Wishing everyone a great week!