Never a dull moment in my life, I swear. I don’t remember life being this way and want to slow down and smell the roses!

On the home front this summer, our fence fell down and all three sides have to be replaced. For financial reasons, we’re doing it one section at a time. Over the last weekend, Section 3 fell down and now it has become Section 2. One strong wind storm and BAM. Fences are a Texas thing. Almost everyone has one.

During the record heat of the summer, the A/C went out in my car. Another added expense. At the beginning of this week, I got a call from my husband (who has the newest car of the bunch) that the Check Engine light went on. Turns out the Main Computer in his car died and wasn’t picking up the signals of the any of the sensors. Thank goodness we took out a warranty on the car. Saved us a bundle. Turns out, they had to replace the computer; hire a programmer to install all the programs in order to for the car to run.

My writing career is active again. Breakout Heat will be released 9/16 and I should expect the edits at the end of this month. I’m working on getting my previous books from Lazy Day to my editor and working on my billionaire series.

Also, prayers to a good friend who is battling breast cancer. She has been through hell and is a fighter but her last FB post has us all worried. Love you, Janet!