Am I the only one who suffers from distractions? I try to be very disciplined and focused on my writing, yet things come up that need to be dealt with immediately.

Let’s see. As you probably know, we are experiencing a heat wave with temps is the triple digits. Living in Texas is always hot, but this is extreme. So guess what? The A/C went out in my car. If I lived in Chicago or Pennsylvania, this wouldn’t be a big deal but not in Texas. The bigger deal is that my car is a 2002 with only 61,000 miles on it and in very good condition. The unit disintegrated because it’s so old. The cost was not cheap and the labor took two days. Which meant I had to juggle rides and my concentration on writing was shot.

Next, is our fence. Almost everyone in Texas has a fence. When your neighborhood has an HOA, which ours does, if there’s any damage, it must be fixed. I finally found a good group of men to fix our downed fence from a month ago. Which meant I had to download the forms from the HOA’s website, get my neighbor’s signature that they’re aware and approve of the work to be performed, permits from the town and utility companies. All of this had to be faxed to the HOA. I don’t have a fax machine and the scanner didn’t work. I had to search high and lo to find one!

Who knew what is involved. At their suggestion, we decided to do it in three sections. The men took down the first section of the fence and took it to the dump. In order to do that for us, I had to provide them with the utility bills which have my name and address on them in addition to my driver’s license to prove that these men are doing a project for me. Next, they had to replace our posts with cement which must sit for at least 24 hours. And let’s not forget the sprinklers that are in the way of the fence.

I have to give these men kudos for working in triple digit heat by starting early in the morning; taking the afternoon off and coming back in the early evening and working until it’s dark. What a great work ethic!

I finally was able to write a decent 10,000 words on my Billionaire series. Wish I could’ve done more!