It seems that nothing is easy for me. I am a passionate person and immerse myself 100% in whatever I do. Even though I no longer hold down a full time paying job, I’m still responsible for a great deal of responsibilities in running a household while pursuing my writing career. These last few months, the household has consumed the majority of my time and efforts. I’m talking about broken down appliances, weather damage to my fence and landscaping, car issues, health insurance concerns, house cleaning, lawn maintenance and the list goes on and on.

I WANT to write, but I find myself being constantly interrupted by appointments to correct the household issues that are confronting me. I can’t concentrate while waiting for the doorbell to ring or waiting in the lobby of the car repair shop where the television and chatter are distracting me. My only solace is to go to the public library (armed with earplugs because libraries are no longer quiet, especially during the summer where bored kids come to socialize) for a couple of hours.

And not only that, I choose my service companies with the utmost care. I’ve had good relations for a number of years and am crushed when I’m told they no longer will be working with me due to their busy work schedules. That means more research to find someone I can trust and provides the quality services I need.

Does anyone else experience these problems or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

I apologize to my characters who are screaming at me to tell their stories! It will get done but not right now! I’d love a period of time where things run smoothly. Fingers crossed, I will be granted that wish!