I have made great progress with my mentor’s edits for Breakout Heat. I didn’t realize I had made the hero a jerk and I did! Once I reread it and her comments, I’m so thankful she caught the error of my ways. Now, I have holes in my ‘suspense’ scenes that I need to fill in to make sense. It’s almost ready for submission.

I’ve also been working on my untitled billionaire series, bouncing from one to the other. I’ve been able to devote ample time to my writing.

We had a bad storm last Wednesday which caused major damage to our fence and one of our mature trees. The fence is so bad, my trusted ‘go to’ handyman that I’ve used for 6 years turned me down flat without even giving me an estimate. So frustrating.

I followed up on another recommendation and while I walked in the back yard with flip flops on as they surveyed the damage, I was attacked by red ants. Darn those hurt! My left big toe was bitten twice. Those suckers just hang on and bite and bite. My entire left foot is swollen and itches like crazy. Especially at night interrupting my sleep.

Texas? I love you but not your red ants!