I tell you! Please have patience with me! Last week was a tough one for me! With things going wrong around the house with the plumbing and locksmith and a dead car battery, my laptop decided to crash.

I always go to Office Max but since they merged with Office Depot, computer help is limited. The store has lost their Internet connection and are no help to me. They have to take the laptop offsite in order to fix it. Nope. I’m too inpatient.

Once I had a new battery in my car, I took it to Best Buy and they were extremely helpful (and expensive, but still) to me. They were able to restore all of my data, but I’m having problems searching for things.

One thing I did lose, was my blogspot account. It’s now under www.Kaszniablogspot.com.

My sister, God Bless her soul, sent me her old laptop to use but I too had to take it to Best Buy to get it up and running. She hasn’t touched it since 2015 and let’s just say, things needed a major overhaul.

But the good news is my characters are speaking to me! I’m ready to write!

Thanks again for your patience!