People have often asked me where I get my material for my books. Real life!

We took a vacation to Orlando and the first couple of days we were there, it was beautiful! Weather was perfect but the pools were filled with kids because it was Spring Break. But that’s okay. Since we live in Texas, we have a pool, so my heart wasn’t broken.

The rest of the trip took a downward spiral. There was a tornado warning in our city and I had to call the front desk to ask where we could take shelter. In the inner bathroom in the tub covered with pillows. We were spared, but then the temps dropped down to the forties. Not what you expect in Florida. It was warmer back home!

Then my husband threw out his back on the golf course and left after the seventh hole. He limped back to the condo and couldn’t move. We spent the rest of the week inside the condo, with the heat on. And it smelled of Ben Gay.

I’m worried about the luggage because if his back doesn’t improve, I’m responsible for lugging everything including his golf bag which is bigger than me. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Got home late Saturday night. I got a message that company is arriving Sunday and will stay until Friday. Needless to say, I was busy 24/7 with them. By Friday, I was stressed out and now I have a stiff neck. Guess who borrowed the Ben Gay? I hope this goes away real soon because I do not like feeling under the weather!

Tomorrow will be dedicated to me! Writing and doing what I want!!!