I am on vacation in Orlando, FL. Yet, I’m still working!

It is hard to take a vacation as an author, or I think so. My mind keeps on going no matter where I am.

I guess its because my mind is relaxed that my characters really talk to me or because I can give them my undivided attention.

Then there is always the bonus of new material as I encounter new people and situations that I wouldn’t be experiencing at home.

The plane trip and the passengers gave me plenty of ammunition as well as driving around the Disney complex. We have no intentions of going anywhere near there because it is spring break!

My billionaire story is doing really well and I need to buckle down on my NHRA series.

Also, I’ve been given the chance to be a guest on a blog which has thrilled me to the moon and back!

We have scheduled something everyday, so my life will be filled with adventures!

Thanks for following me!