Good news! I no longer have Vertigo! I went to the ENT on Thursday and he verified my ears were clear and my hearing was in the range of an 18 year old. I did tell him I listened to Led Zepplin and other heavy metal bands in my youth, but so far so good!

He did determine I was very congested and wanted to put me on steriods but my mom was on them for years with her asthma. Her face bloated and she had unwanted weight gain. Nope. So I’m back to nasal sprays which seem to help.

The good thing, is I’m getting a lot of writing time in which is wonderful! My characters and I are in sync and my hands are flying over the keyboard.

The only problem is the house was very quiet. My husband was out of town and my daughter works full time and is barely home. You can hear a pin drop. Is it time to get another dog?

For those who really don’t know me, I’ve had two dogs in my life and both were Siberian Huskies. Noibn, came to us when I was fourteen and died two days after my daughter was born.

Indiana Jones came to live with us in 1996. My husband had never had a pet before and is not an animal lover. When we lived in Pennsylvania, he traveled 70% of the time for his job. It was only my daughter and I; no family close by at all. Indy was protection for us and guarded his girls with ferocity. He and hubby didn’t get along at all for the first five years of his life because they were both jealous of each other. But then they became best friends. They did everything together.

But he was thirteen when we moved to Texas and not in good health. On our wedding anniversary, 12/20/2009, he couldn’t move and cried and cried. We made the hardest decision in our life and put him down. His screams were heart wrenching and we didn’t want him in any pain.

That all changed once we got to the vet. He still couldn’t walk, but he was alert and acted as if nothing was wrong. But we stood firm. It took two dosages and then we spent time with him to say goodbye. Then we looked at him. His fur was so mottled with age and he had no hair left on his tail. We should’ve done this sooner.

We all cried and hubby says we’re not going through this again. The old me would’ve said, “the hell with you!” and gone out adopted a dog. But for some reason, I just can’t do it. I need to bite the bullet and say, “where’s the old Lois? Show a little backbone!”