I’m still not feeling up to par with this benign positional vertigo . On Monday, I wrote 5k! I was proud of myself. I then went grocery shopping, became dizzy and had to sit down.

Tuesday, I felt okay and wrote only 2K, but as usual, things happen that are unplanned. I decided that it was my king size pillow that’s too big for me, making me sleep in an awkward position causing the dizziness. I should try a queen/standard size. (I know, right? Lois Kasznia, MD with her degree from WebMd!)

Wednesday, I ran to Big Lots and then Kroger. I was going to go to Kohls for a pillow and decided against it because I didn’t feel good enough to slug a pillow and a new 12 inch skillet through the parking lot of Kohls in the pouring rain.

My friend who is moving to Chicago, was in town and we had an unplanned lunch date. I did run to Kohls before hand and picked up the pillow and skillet. Got home and wrote another 2K!

Thursday, I went on the treadmill (haven’t been on in two weeks) and only did a mile for starters. Cleaned the house and felt like a million dollars.

Friday, I voted, came home and wrote another 5K. This is the most I’ve written in a week and am feeling inspired.

Saturday? I decided to do sit ups and push ups. BIG mistake. I got so dizzy, I could hardly stand up straight. I spent the entire day in the chair. And it was sunny and 74. Who gets sick on a day like that?

Today, I still felt a little woozy but have decided I am calling the ENT because I can’t live like this. I am an active person who loves to work out and do things. Something is not right. Took hubby to the grocery store to help me with the groceries. Why is that when I take him, the bill is always one hundred dollars more?