I hope everyone a good week! It was a trying one for me, that’s for sure. I don’t know about you, but my mood is tempered by the weather. We’ve had rain for six days in a row without sunshine. I thought I was going to go stir crazy! Not only rain, but thunderstorms, where the lights flicker and I quickly back up whatever manuscript I worked on.

Not only that, rain and mold make my sinuses run amok, constantly needing a tissue. After a really wet night, I woke up and almost fell out of bed, I was so dizzy. Huh? I’ve never felt this way (unless I’ve had too much to drink and that wasn’t the case!) I stumbled into the kitchen and turned on the lights. I went to check the weather app on my cell phone and it said there was no signal.

We have Frontier (used to be Verizon Fios but they sold to Frontier about two years ago and it has been a terrible transition). But the battery equipment is in our garage. I opened the door and saw something had tripped the GFC and I went out and pushed the button to correct it. It worked, so I went back in the house and tried again. Nada!

Mr. Jim comes out of the shower into the kitchen and asks why his phone and the television doesn’t work? I told him, so I pulled out the Frontier bill and called. The tech advisor was very helpful but had me running from Jim’s Man Cave out to the garage to disconnect this and that. (Remember how I told you how dizzy I felt to begin with?) Finally, Mr. Jim comes to help me and those dreaded words are issued by the advisor. “There’s a problem with your back up battery and we need to send a tech to fix it. The earliest he can be there is Friday, between noon and five.” WHAT????? This is Wednesday? What are we going to do? We have no phone, no Internet and no television. At least we won’t miss the political robo calls! Starbucks, here we come!

Thursday, I felt like a million dollars. I sat and wrote 5k and met an old friend for lunch, went shopping for groceries, no dizziness whatsoever. While I was talking to my friend, my mind flashed back to the three years I worked Help Desk. Dave Rupp, my boss, (rest his soul) would be very upset with me because I didn’t think of this sooner. Unplug the back up battery and try again! I waited until Mr. Jim came home and we tried it. It beeped like crazy, so I thought, well? At least I tried. We went back into the house and Mr. Jim is playing this obscure Pink Floyd CD on his PC that he forgot he had. I came into the Man Cave and happened to glance at our router. Lo and Behold, all the lights were flashing! We were back in business! We decided not to cancel our appointment just to see what the tech would say.

Friday, I woke up dizzier than I have ever been; my sinuses were killing me and I had the worst headache ever. My head felt like I was on an airplane where it flies at this altitude that stops up your ears. I broke down and called the doctor and he could see me at 3:15. Had to call Mr. Jim to work from home so he could great the Frontier tech.

Long story short; I have a sinus infection and my ears were blocked. Because of this, I have Benign Vertigo which will last a week to ten days. He flushed out my ears and I can hear a pin drop. But I can’t work out and have to be careful.

Mr. Jim said the tech rewired the Frontier boxes in our garage because the old ones were defective. Now we’re back in business! We can watch the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and I can write without fear of losing my work.

I swear, life is never dull with me!