I have to admit I am really enjoying working on my next set of manuscripts about the billionaire’s club. Obviously, I’m not one but the more I research the topic, I can see where I went wrong. But I’m comfortable in my own skin and I feel blessed with my life.

I’m learning a lot about the ever transitioning world of publishing now that I’ve joined a workshop hosted by a famous author. She is suggesting to brand yourself and be very careful about the ‘professionals’ you chose to hire for you manuscript. Your editor, your cover artist, your publisher and others may say their professionals but are they the right ones for you. Scary…..

The most recent topic was how to manage your writing schedule. For most of us, we have busy lives with jobs and family. I know for me, there will be days when I don’t get a chance to write a thing, even though I’m thinking of my manuscripts. I’m a very vivid dreamer and the dreams stay with me during the day, so I can jot down an outline and work it into my stories. The response from the rest of the group were so interesting and I’ve learned so much about how people put their stories together.

Thanks to my editor, Chel, for signing me up for this group! I really appreciate it! You’re never too old to learn.