It amazes me how someone can carry a grudge for over thirty some odd years! Really? I’ve lost a friend because of it and it hurts. Maybe she wasn’t the friend I thought she was. Good story for a book.

Busy writing away…..

Heard from Blushing Books on Saturday. Intercepted is being taken off of Barnes & Noble website because it will be on Kindle Unlimited. If you haven’t read it and would like to, please check there!

Another funny story about this house. The original owner installed blinds, but only a few drapes. They are lined which is nice because it helps when the weather gets cold. Since our bedroom faces the street and the neighbors have two teenage children who have tons of friends over all the time. The drapes help block out the headlights and their outside lights they leave on all night long.

This morning, while opening the drapes, the rod fell out and konked me on the head. Turns out when the drapes were installed, they never used a molly to hold the nail in the wall. Hmmm. Then I checked the drapes in our family room. Instead of installing a hold back, they stapled the drapes to the wall. Really? A trip to WalMart and all is good. Jeesh!