This was a better week for writing. I’m into my Billionaire series manuscript since my characters are keeping me on my toes!

As always, life throws challenges at me. I feel like I’m at bat, with life being the pitcher! Why you ask?

First it was the bitter cold. Homes in Texas are not built for cold weather. You can feel the cold through the windows and doors no matter what you do. We had windows replaced due to a bad hail storm in March and they are not foolproof. I can’t sleep at night because I worry.

Then, you have to worry about your pipes. Let me tell you, when I open the kitchen cabinets to keep the sink pipes warm, the blast of cold air chills me to the bone. I also have to cover our outside spigots because they freeze as well. Thank goodness Lowes has a styrofoam cup to place over the spigots to keep out the cold.

And that’s only Wednesday. Finally, on Thursday we got a break from the cold. Whew. Never ask what’s next!

My daughter is trying to lose the holiday weight and installed a free app on her phone to count her steps called Pacer. Her daily goal is 10,000 steps. She keeps the phone in her back jean pocket when she’s not at work. Guess what she did on Thursday? Yup! Dropped it in water. Zap! Deader than a door nail. I tell you, putting the phone in rice is a joke. Didn’t sleep at all thinking about what to do because I hate for her not to have a cell phone in case her car breaks down.

And it didn’t help that the battery in the smoke alarm began to beep at 1:05 Friday morning. Out of a sound sleep, my husband and I wrestle with our 8 foot step ladder in the garage into the bedroom. My husband, who is way taller than me, was able to get it off the ceiling, place a new battery into the unit. While he steps back on the ladder, he twists his back and can’t move. Now what?

Friday, I came up with the idea for my daughter to purchase a prepaid phone while Apple takes a look at hers. Our carrier, Verizon, said that we are eligible to upgrade to a new phone in March. And if Apple can’t save the phone, she can use the prepaid until then.

I hate to do it, but I played the helpless female card with the fire department and the hunkiest six men ever, came to my house, used my ladder and installed it within minutes. And they even put the ladder back into the garage for me! They made my day!