This has been an emotional week for me. Three of my loved ones have been diagnosed with breast cancer. My aunt, age 74, one of my best friends, age unknown (she’s never revealed it) and my husband’s cousin, age 37. The last two had total masectomies and my aunt will have a lumpectomy and radiation. It has taken a while for me to handle this information but they are in good spirits and have taken aggressive actions to handle the disease. I will keep them and other in my prayers.

Then, I’ve had to deal with a corporate giant, Frontier Communications. It was previously Verizon Fios but was sold to Frontier. We recieved a promotional package when this happened and now it’s going to expire and to call immediately.

I learned that there were all kinds of ‘things’ in this package that I wasn’t aware that we had. One of them was Frontier’s security package, similar to LifeLock, which we have. When I agreed to the changes, I received an email from Frontier asking me to give them the Date of Birth and SSN of all people using the Internet, I became suspicious so I called them back (another forty-five minutes) and I told them I didn’t want that option and to please take it out of my contract.

When my husband got home from work, he turned on the television to watch the Nightly News which he DVR’s every night and guess what? No DVR!

Saturday, I called them back and was on the phone with Customer Service, then Tech Support and back to Customer Service only to learn that the security package is tied into the DVR option. I was on the phone with them for five hours and guess what? The problem still hasn’t been resolved!

I was able to write ten thousand words on my Billionaire manuscript earlier in the week. My mind is filled with my characters but because of this issue, I had to jot down ideas rather than write until I get this situation resolved.

Why is everything so complicated???