I don’t know what it is, but as I get older I can’t handle bad news as well as I used to. I try and take a deep breath and rationalize how I’m going to deal with the situation. I try and look for the reason why things happen, but sometimes I can’t. I count the blessings I have and make them my priority.

First thing that happened that really hurt as a senseless act was a traffic accident in the Dallas area. A pregnant mother and her unborn son were killed when they were hit from behind by a off duty fireman showing off his brand new BMW. He and his buddy had been drinking and a flask was found in his car. The baby was due on Christmas Day. You’d think that a fire fighter would know the dangers of drinking and driving.

Second? The employment situation. Big companies are being bought out by others causing good people to lose their jobs or forced into retirement. My husband included. Everyday we wonder when the axe is going to fall. We’ve tried to plan ahead but it sure makes one think twice about purchases.
It happened to one of my best friends and they’re moving back to Chicago. They’ve been here for fourteen years. I can so empathize with her. Downsizing, selling the house, leaving her family here. She’s devastated.

Third. You know we bought the Money Pit, hence my first book every published, When the Runway Went South. I found out you have to be very careful with repairmen around here. It’s all a racket with wanting you to sign yearly contracts. I have found out the people here in Texas have a lot of money and will pay without blinking an eye. I’m not like that since I count every cent I have. In the eight years I’ve lived here, I found reputable electricians, HVAC, lawn care but have not found a good plumber.

On one of my daily walks, I saw a van in front of one of the houses on my route. It was a plumbing company I had never seen be. I made a note on my phone to check it out. The plumber saw me smiled and waved which I returned. The next day, he was dead. There was a gas leak underneath that house and they had dug a trench to climb underneath the house to investigate. The foundation came crashing on top of him, burying him alive. The next day while walking the same route, there were two helicopters and six firetrucks from neighboring cities in front of the house and that’s when I found out about his death. He was only 39 years old and leaves behind a wife and three young children. Right before Christmas.

Fourth? Someone ran into my daughter’s car at a stoplight on her way home from work last night. They drove away before she could get their license plate. Granted, there was little damage but still.

We need angels!

But back to my writing. I’m still at it! I’ve got lots of material I can use!