Who knows?
Chelsea Crawford, Chicago attorney, thought as she boarded the plane to begin her first ever, ten day Christmas cruise to Bora Bora. Would she find love in addition to warm sunshine and sandy beaches? Her question is answered on the plane when she meets handsome financial wizard Cameron Brooks. She learns that he is the brother and Best Man of famous model, Dylan Brooks, who is to be married in Bora Bora, to the daughter of a scandalous Hollywood couple.
To Cameron, meeting Chelsea was love at first sight. If he wasn’t responsible for his brother’s wedding, he would spend every moment with her, but he can’t. He tries to balance his time with Chelsea, but between his brother’s outlandish antics and the publicity seeking in-laws, things escalate out of hand.
Who knew?
Chelsea was Cameron’s aunt’s attorney! So what if his aunt doesn’t share his last name. But when Cameron accuses Chelsea of dating him for his money, it becomes a deal breaker. The cruise has ended and the relationship is off!
Cameron wishes he could take back his harsh words after a tongue lashing from his aunt. Now his family won’t speak to him. But how can he find her? He never learned Chelsea’s last name!