Came back from a week’s vacation in San Antonio, TX. It was crazy weather where it was 90 the first three days we were there and the rest of the time, it dropped down into the 40’s. The Riverwalk is fun but it was cold. And the condo was not built for cold weather especially when the heater didn’t work.

We decided to come home early and don’t know if that was a mistake because only two hours into our drive, we got a flat tire from a nail. We were fortunate that we pulled in front of an Auto Parts store and they helped my husband with the donut tire. They directed us to Discount Tire about a mile away. It was mobbed. There were over 50 people with flat tires. Most of them were like us and we were there for over four hours.  I made friends and will keep in touch. Back on the road to find out the cruise control no longer worked. My husband said to take the car in Monday to have them fix it.

When we got home late Friday night, I unpacked, did laundry and while watching our DVR full of shows. Saturday, I went grocery shopping and in the middle of this errand, I got a frantic call from my husband to come home ASAP! There was a huge fluid leak from my car on the garage floor. It didn’t look like oil but maybe transmission fluid. Our repair shop is closed on weekends, but they have a drop off. The only thing I noticed was that it appeared to be close to overheating. But Jim met me there and we loaded the groceries into his car. Looks like his cruise control issue will wait.

Career-wise, I did not write. I read four books which gave me insight to my billionaire series which I planned to resume on Monday. But as I should know, never make plans. In my email was my editors edits for Cruise Into My Heart. I will be so busy for the next couple of days, I might go crazy. But it’s a good crazy.