I don’t know about you, but this weather has me all fouled up! Yes, I like warm weather but I also like the change of seasons. Somehow, watching the NFL and the NHL wearing shorts and sandals seems like all kinds of wrong to me.

Trying not to get discouraged about my writing career is hard as of late. The publishing world is changing rapidly with different formats to keep up with technology.

I love to write and always have. My mother gave me a journal at a very young age and I wrote in it daily. I was encouraged by my teacher is high school and even though I majored in Music Education, I still had to write papers.

My first career was in the field of programming where I wrote Functional Specifications and Designs.  (Very dry stuff!) Then I branched into writing stories and then novels.

But now as an author, not only are you expected to write, you are also expected to format your work to keep up with the latest technology. Marketing is also expected of you, however, the price of attending key groups have skyrocketed out of reach.

Then there is the price of books plummeting, giving your hard work away for free. Unfortunately, free doesn’t pay for food, housing and other things one needs to survive.

I hope things turn around. Sigh.