Have you ever had a phase in your life, where you can’t stop running and things are not in your control?

I’m hoping I can find time for myself to do what I want to do and relax.

I’ve gone to too many funerals and weddings this last year. It’s like when you graduate from high school or college and all of your friends are getting married. Well, my friends children are getting married now. I also acknowledge (even though I don’t want to), that I’m at that age where yes, friends and colleagues are dying at such a young age. I guess it’s all part of life.

But back to writing. I’m working on this Billionaire romance story and my characters are amazing. However, I ran into a technical problem with my hero. He invites his love interest to his mansion in another country (I can’t give away the plot line just yet) along with the heroine’s best friend. They discover cameras in their suites. Whoa! Stop! Is that legal? I stopped writing at that point, stumped. Do I want to go there?

Lo and behold on the evening news there was a segment about rental home owners are placing cameras in their homes to see what these guests do to their homes. I’ve learned that cameras are not allowed in bedrooms or bathrooms.

How ironic is that?  Well, now. I can continue with the story and get that camera out of the suite. Or can I because he’s a billionaire and he can do anything he wants?