How many of you have used Uber? Well, I hadn’t and I thought it was time to join the forces.  I had a trip planned to New Jersey to attend my 94 year old cousin’s WWII veteran Memorial Service. I flew into Philadelphia International Airport and since my cousin’s widow lives in New Jersey, I decided to try Uber.

My husband and I went over the guide online of “How to Use Uber in Philadelphia, PA, so I felt rather confident. I landed, got my luggage and turned on my phone and fired up the Uber App.  Well, let me tell you, my APP looked nothing like the APP online. So I keyed in my destination and the closest vehicle was Valencia, 8 minutes away. I clicked on her and called her. She was on her way.

Well, Valencia had problems locating me but we finally connected. I was on my way. I learned she had only been on the job for a week. She is from North Carolina and moved here to be with her fiance. She figured the best way to learn the city of Philadelphia was to work with Uber. We’re on on our way. NOT!

The address on her Uber GPS destination read Philadelphia airport, so all we did was circle the airport. On my phone, I kept trying over and over to enter the destination address and all was futile. Finaly, Valencia canceled the trip and I was charge $16.75 for not even leaving the airport.

We pulled into Terminal A and tried again to see what was wrong. She didn’t know how to “change” the destination on her Uber GPS and there was no one for her to call. Well, that cost me an additional $6.75 and I haven’t even left the airport.

Valencia and I decided to find someone who knew how to use Uber. We happened upon a young lady waiting for her ride and she was a blessing. I had keyed in the information correctly but for some reason, on Valencia’s end, it did not compute. This young lady was from France and was visiting her brother in Delaware. She was stayed with me until John, my Uber driver came.

He came and told me he had to stop at the WaWa to get cash out for tolls. By this time, my cousin is concerned that I’m not there yet since we have to go to dinner and I’m late. I put her on speaker and she said, rather loudly, there is no toll. Stay on I-95 and you’ll be good.

John was not happy. But he took me and then got lost. I had to call my cousin again to get us in the right direction. This cost be $89.00. So, all in all, my cheap Uber fare is over $200. I am livid!

I will try to recoup my money but something tells me I’m out of luck.

Fortunately on the way home, my cousin took me home and it was a breeze.

Why do these things happen to me?