There is nothing better than starting a new story. Last week, I had a vivid dream about a character who haunted me. I knew I could cast him into one of my stories in my head, but which one? I have started several stories but he wouldn’t fit into any of them. He’s a strong alpha male, yes, but not right for what I have.

Thanks to the suggestion of my editor, I now have a story for him. I’ve done the research and he’s ready to talk. We agreed to take today off while I indulge in the NFL games but first thing Monday, he wants to get down to business and I’m ready!

Also, I’m should be receiving the Cover Art for Cruise Into My Heart in addition to the edits. I’m also working on Breakout Heat to hand over to my mentor by the end of the week.

And don’t forget editing When the Runway Went South so I can work in the sequel.  No wonder I can’at sleep at night!