It’s amazing what I can accomplish when I have uninterupted time to myself! What am I working on, yous ask?

1) Breakout Heat – I’m done with my edits and am going through it one more time until I turn it over to my mentor who is anxiously waiting for it.

2) When the Runway Went South – I am so sorry for all the mistakes it had in it’s published version. I am correcting them all and tweaking it so I can add the sequel. I’ve got the cast of characters who are inpatient to tell their stories.

3) Also, with the upcoming NHL season, there are more characters asking to be heard.

However, I am enjoying the last days of summer while I wait for the Cover Art and edits for Cruise into My Heart!

I am helping with donations for the victims of Harvey. My heart goes out to those poor people.

No more storms!