What a week! Again.

First off, I am making progress with Breakout Heat. Catching a lot of errors from one of my beta readers before I send it off to my mentor.

When the Runway Went South is making slow progress so I can begin the sequel.

Hurricane Harvey has arrived. At first, I offered to be a host to my friends from PA who now live in Corpus Christie but it’s a 7 hour drive for them. They were able to find a hotel in a town about three hours west of San Antonio.

It amazes me how many people thought I was in danger and I thank them for their prayers. I redirected the prayers to the folks 400 miles south of me.

We’re getting bands of rain from the storm but nothing severe. Clouds, a quick downburst and then it’s over. I can live with that.

More car problems with my husband’s car, his baby. We were out Friday night with friends who live about an hour away from us when we heard this rumbling noise which we’re guessing its the struts again.

Which means tomorrow, I have to drop it off at the repair shop, while he takes my car to work and then I use my daughter’s car.

We have a dead tree out front that needs to come down. We don’t have a saw to handle the job, so I’ll have to call my trusted Romeo to help us out. Never a dull moment!

Which is why I need to write that sequel!!

Lois 🙂