I don’t know how other authors do it, but I need to stay focused on completing my books. I’m currently editing my NHRA book while editing my first book so I can make a sequel to it. It’s no longer available and this is the time to clean up the gross mistakes that were made. The editing was terrible and I’m ashamed it got published the way it did. Maybe it was because it was my first book to be published and I made beginner’s mistakes, I didn’t know but I know now!

What is causing my distractions? Let’s see. Sundays are my days of rest. I putter around the house watering my house plants, winding my antique clocks, doing word puzzles and reading.

My week days are devoted to an hour and a half work out and weather permitting, swimming laps in the pool. I do two loads of laundry a day which is fast for me because I can work while doing that.

Mondays, I go to the library in the morning and work on my books until noon. After lunch, I go back to author work at home.

Tuesdays it seems that’s when things go downhill. My husband is not a morning person. Even though I lay things out on the counter for him to take to work, it seems he always forgets something important. This week it was his phone. It’s been his wallet a couple of times as well. He can’t leave the office so I have to make the trek to his work which cuts out an hour of my day. Now I have to play catch up.

We’ve had the wettest August I’ve ever experienced in my eight years of Texas. The storms are incredible as well as the rain totals. And let us not forget the electrical issues. We lost power for a good portion of the day on Thursday which meant no Internet connection. What made it worse was the power outage extended to my husband’s office and guess who came home to work? Yup!  If this is going to continue, we need to set some ground rules. When he has a conference call, close the door. Same as phone calls. He walks around the house talking on his cell phone. He’s a big guy and has a loud voice. STAY PUT!

This week I have made a vow to buckle down and work. I promise! Please! Let my life be a little boring for once!