It has been an exciting week! I completed the Cover Art Questionaire for Cruise Into My Heart and the talented Resplendence Publishings’ artists are working on the request.

I also recieved and signed the contract and the book will be out October 4, 2017.

I completed my first edits on Breakout Heat and turned it over to by Beta readers for their comments and input.

In my last blog, I asked whether or not to write a sequel to When the Runway Went South, so while I wait for two sets of edits, I will review WTRWS to see how I can do a sequel. Believe you me, I have plenty of material!

I questioned what I should write about next when it dawned on me that I’m going to my xx (fill in the blanks) high school reunion this weekend. I went to an all girls Catholic High school in Springfield, IL. I haven’t seen my classmates in years. Yes, I keep in touch with many of them via FB, but it will be interesting to see them in person.

Please remind me to keep my mouth shut so I can listen to their stories!