I am so excited to announce my manuscript for Cruise Into My Heart, has been submitted to my editor with a tentative publish date of October 4th!

I want to thank all of my beta readers for their comments and how to make it a better story. It is based on a true story but somewhat embellished by me.

Which brings me to my next work of art, Breakout Heat. I’m halfway through it’s first set of Lois’ edits trying to make the characters more vibrant. I’m reading my favorite authors books like crazy to assist in that goal. Then I will give the manuscript to my cohorts in crime for their opinions and comments.

However, I’ve been deterred by life events. When the Runway Went South is really my third attempt at writing a book. As you know, we bought the Money Pit when we moved to the Dallas area. We have never spent more money on a house in our first year of owning a home. Everything in the story is true. Because it was a true story written from my heart, Lazy Day Publishing accepted it and stood behind my work. Then Blushing Books acquired the Lazy Day name. Unfortunately, Blushing Books Publishing made the decision to no longer carry the imprint of Lazy Day and therefore the book is no longer available.

Which brings me to my next step. This last year, the house has acted up again where we’ve had incredibe repair bills beyond our worst nightmare. It’s to the point where we can’t afford to live in this house, but who would buy it? My mentor is screaming SEQUEL! The characters are talking to me.
Should I do it?