When I tell people that I’m an author, most of them can’t believe it. (Well, sometimes I wonder myself, lol). But I love when they launch into their stories if they could write, it would be a best seller.

My 84 year old aunt said I should write about my husband’s family. Um, she’s never read any of my books and I hate to tell her that a lot of my characters are based on my husband’s family. When Play for Me was being edited, my editor told me that the heroine’s mother was too mean and to lighten up the character because it was not real. I wanted to introduce her to my relative but thought better about it and changed the character.

My husband’s uncle is a retired Chicago Policeman and he does have great stories that I’m compiling.

Next, I was at a pool party and met a delightful young man and his husband. They couldn’t wait to talk to me. They wanted me to write a story about our next president who would be gay and his husband would not be the first lady, he would be the first man. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that one. I asked about the plot and they said that was it. A gay first man! I’d really have to do research on that topic….

While the plumber repaired my underground clogged pipe, ($$$$) he said I should write a book about Jesus as a salesman. How Jesus was able to sell his beliefs to the world and still maintain this belief to this day. I hated to burst his bubble, but I told him people have researched that very topic for years. I write contemporary romances, a feel good story that warms the heart. That topic is a little too heavy for me.

I wonder what will be next? Do other authors get the same reaction from people? I don’t know!