So sorry I haven’t blogged for a while! We had out of town family come and visit us for seven days over the July 4th holiday. We also took three days of vacation to do much needed yard work. I think we’re done and I’m ready to get back to writing. Having people around tends to do that to me.

I’m taking today and Sunday to read. There are so many inspirational authors that help me work through tough passages.

I’m finicky when it come to my characters and I want to make sure I’m portraying them the way I want them to come across. The latest book I wrote which I’m editing is not doing that for me. My heroine and hero are flat. Grrr! Spending ten days away from it is helping and each book I read gives me a picture of how the author gets their characters alive! Come Monday, I’m ready to tackle it again.

Granted, I have the best editor ever, Michele! But I want it to be perfect before it gets into her hands.

Back to personal stuff! It’s been very hot and humid in Texas. We’ve had more rain than I can remember since we moved here in 2009. Usually, by this time of year, the grass is brown and there are fire warnings. Not so! We’ve had close to 6 inches of rain in one week. We’ve had to cut our grass twice in ten days. The pool is still cold from all the rain water, but at least it’s refreshing!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!