It’s ironic how things happen. I began my writing career in 2002. I wrote the book of my dreams, called The Network of Deceit, a Romantic Suspense. It was based upon my years in computer programming. Part of it was a true story but as first books go, well. It got rejected time after time. Looking back at it, I made every mistake known to the craft. I put it aside while I wrote it’s sequel.

Then life got in the way. I got a full time job for the next three years; my daughter went off to get her Masters Degree in English, and we moved to Dallas.

That’s when When the Runway Went South was born. Everything happened to our house and I cried the first year we were here. Me, being the organized person I am, made a spreadsheet of every incident that went wrong with the house. With the suggestion of a cousin, he told me to write a story about it. I did.

As of last year, guess what? Things are going wrong with the house again. It’s been seven years since things were fixed but it still makes me sick to my stomach. Never have we had so many problems with home ownership. And the way businesses operate in Texas, verything is a racket and Texans just shrug their shoulders and pay. A good example is mosquitoes. The city sprays for mosquitos during the season to prevent West Nile Virus. Now there is the Zika! Guess what? Along comes Mosquito Joe, who will personally spray your yard twice a month for a costly fee and that’s not all. You have to agree to a year long contract. The cost is close to $500 a year. And people are buying into this. I’m not like that, which makes it harder to deal with these firms.

My best friend suggested I write a sequel to When the Runway Went South, which unfortunately is out of print. That was last year. I toyed with the idea but put it aside. I ended the story with a happy ever after ending.

After posting my latest adventure with a rattlesnake, I’m getting more support to write the sequel. You know? Maybe I will!