I’m ready to start my next book. It will be a sequel to When the Runway Went South. I have enough material based upon my true life adventures with this house.

Since last August, I’ve had a clothes dryer burn out; a new dishwasher, stopped up kitchen sink, a two new lawnmowers from Sears go bad. (They fixed the last one, but I will never do business with Sears again. Hidden in their website’s fine print, they will not accept returns after thirty days of purchase. Since we purchased the second one in November and we didn’t use it until March when it became the smoking James Bond of the neighborhood, they would not let us return it.) A strut in my husband’s new car broke, my washing machine died, the water pipe underneath my house backfilled and had to be re-routed to the price of $$$$$$. The roof was replaced forcing us to park our cars on the street. While on the street, my car, which was given a clean bill of health last week, got stuck in Park. We called to have it towed, but they can’t tow it if you can’t put it in Neutral. So, the driver took apart my console and found the spring to unleash the gear shift handle. It was still drivable, but I had no brake lights. It’s now at the repair shop. $$$$

I know there are those of you who are going through worse things than this and I pray for all of you. I’m just asking for good things to come our way. Please?

However, I did get the synopsis done for my next book. Now, I’m fine tuning the first three chapters for submission.