I’ve always been a planner. I think I was born with a ‘to do’ list in my hands. I try to be accomodating when things don’t go as planned, but I’m Sicilian and passionate about everything.

I have two manuscripts I’m working on since The Sin Bin. The first was rejected because I ‘told’ rather than ‘showed’. I’ve reworked it and now feel confident that it’s great. The killer for me is the synopsis and the blurb. How can I write en entire book, yet struggle with a ‘hook’ of three sentences and write a three page synopsis? Argh!

Second manuscript needs a lot of work. I mean a lot! I’m not at all pleased with the relationship between the hero and heroine. It’s too complacent. I need to breathe life into it. And the timing is all wrong. I’ve got them jumping from one thing to another without continuity. I know what I want to ‘show’ and have to find the right words. Both situations needs lots of concentration on my part.

With that being said, I’ve got a lot of work to do with my career. I’m anxious to get those two books out there. But, NOTHING in my life is going according to my schedule. FRUSTRATED!

I run our household. That should be my second job but for the last couple of months, it has become my primary job. And I don’t get paid! It started in March when we had a devastating hail storm and had major damage to the house. Dealing with the insurance (which used to be one of my careers) and repairs being done has become a nightmare. I never know when the repairman are going to show up and I have to scan the receipts to the insurance adjuster to let them know I’m using the partial sum of money to really get things repaired. I did not pocket the money and run away to Las Vegas or Bora Bora. Until every penny is accounted for with the first insurance check, I will not get the second advance. I have 365 days to complete the repairs but still.

Moving on to cars. There are three in our household. Mine is a 2002 with only 56,000 miles on it. It’s getting up there but it still runs fine. That car went in this week for a Service A check and they couldn’t find anything wrong. Yay!

My daughter has a 2006 Mazda with only 48,000 miles on it. She works in Customer Service and needs her car to go to work.

My husband bought the car of his dreams two years ago, a 2009 Mercedes Benz S550. Because it was an older model, we bought a 5 year warranty package on it and we’ve used it. It has all the bells and whistles on it and guess what? They all go wrong at one point of time. For the first year and a half, I was petrified to drive it. The only thing I haven’t driven in my life is a pick up truck and am normally not afraid to drive anything. But the way my husband has carried on about his baby. I sucked it up after the last repair when the strut broke. I’m no longer afraid.

His car went in for a Service B and of course they found two oil leaks and had to replace the spark plugs and belts which was a two day process.  He took my car (I will not be without a car!) which meant I had to drive my daughter to and from work for three days straight. When the 2009 was complete, I had to have a friend meet me at my daughter’s work so I could drop off her car and take me to the repair shop to pick up the 2009. I became so confused about where everything was in the cars…especially the windshield wipers. I know where mine are, but I forgot about my daughter’s car and realized she needed to new ones. I couldn’t see out the windshield. Trip to the auto store.

The 2009 has the automatic windshield where it senses the amount of water on the window. My husband didn’t tell me he had turned it off because it hadn’t rained in a while. Fortunately, I went back to the repair shop where they told me where the switch is. I bet they had a good laugh on my account!

I couldn’t find a block of time to work on my books. I praying for normal. Please!