Which means our library will be filled with bored kids who have no place else to go.

When I’m writing, I need quiet. I can’t listen to music because since I’m a trained musician, I listen to music rather than concentrate on my characters and story line. I can’t do both!

At home is usually quiet except for the telemarketers. Yes, we still have a landline. We want to get rid of it, but our older relatives only know of that number and not our cell phones. Yes, I’ve reported the numbers to NOMOROBO and the Do Not Call but that doesn’t work. Lately, I’ve been on a list of the best health care coverage. I’m covered under my husband’s work coverage. Who knows what the options will be with all of the turmoil in politics? I receive about ten calls a day which is why I like to go to the library to avoid them.

But during the summer hours, kids and even parents don’t follow the library rules and the staff is just happy people are using their facility and won’t say anything. I bought a huge bottle of ear plugs at CVS which I’ll use at home and the library!

On another note, it’s funny how Facebook can change your life. The first job I had when I graduated from college, I was a Claims Supervisor at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois in downtown Chicago. A great deal of my employees were adjustors and batch and file clerks (all paper back then), the majority of them were from the inner city. They were a great group of workers with the exception of a few but I liked it.

Yesterday, I checked my many FB pages and I stumbled across a name from the past. One of my employees! I hadn’t thought about him in decades! Yet, he liked my page. Of course I was nosy and checked him out. He was a good kid, about six years younger than me, but he managed to get into trouble out of work. My manager fired him because of it. I tried to stick up for him but I could only go so far.

Fast forward and I hope what he wrote on his page is true because I want to believe it. He managed to go to college and get a degree and a good job. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I see another story in the works…..