It’s been hard to concentrate on writing this week. I’ve put in good hours but you have to understand. I love summer! I’ve been looking forward to this time of year since January.

Granted, I have to finish my current novel. It’s my personal goal. No one is asking for it and I’m not under contract but I want to get it out there for submission.

Also, Memorial Day always makes me cry. I was very close with my father who was a LT Commander in the Navy in WWII. I almost lost him but he survived to come home and be the greatest dad ever!

He passed away from Prostate Cancer in 2007 and I still miss him to this day. I discovered a therapy of planting when this holiday rolls around because I like bringing things to life. My father loved to garden and would grow the best fruits and vegetables in his own garden and a community garden as well. I know I inherited that trait from him.

This week, I’ve planted over 84 plants in his honor and they are thriving so far. Yes, I do take it personally if one of them dies! I’m tired and my back is killing me, but it’s so peaceful to look at my garden as it comes to life.

As of ¬†Tuesday, I’ll concentrate on writing and making my father proud of me!