I have tried writing every day since last Sunday and got all the way to Wednesday. Sigh. Things happen in my life that I can’t just put aside and I have to deal with that crisis as it comes up.

Even my horoscope has told me to make writing a priority. So yesterday, I sat in my office raring to go and my husband came into my office very upset and emotional about an issue at work. First off, he’s the level one. I’m Sicilian and fly off the handle at every turn. For him to come up to my office in the first place is a definite cry for help. He and my daughter are the most important people in my life.

We decided to tackle this issue together and the more he talked about it, the calmer he became and we came up with an idea how to tackle this without name calling and taking the high road. By lunch time, he had calmed down enough for me to get back to my writing.

Back at my computer, I started to write and got to maybe two thousand words and then my mind became a complete blank.

I’m taking today off to enjoy myself. I mowed the entire lawn while it was a cool 75 here. I had a leisurely breakfast and I will chill.

The lesson I learned is that people should not write emails while angry. I don’t care what anyone says. Words hurt and cannot be taken back.