It’s been a challenging week at the Kasznia’s. Way too much stuff going on in the household. Makes working on the book take a back seat and I feel badly because I really want to finish this story and get it submitted!

I looked forward to Saturday because my daughter worked and my husband had a tee time. Five hours for me! Whoo Hoo!

I put a load of wash into my eight year old front loader and it didn’t sound right, but I ignored it like I have since September when it started making that noise. Everytime I’ve started it up, I’ve crossed my fingers and said a little prayer.

I ran upstairs to my office and start writing and I’m on fire! The characters are talking to me as if we’re trying to catch up with each other! It’s great!  The signal goes off and I get to a stopping point and run downstairs to transfer the wash to the dryer. I load the second load and the control panel blinks at me. Huh? I pushed the OFF button and it didn’t register. Now I’m pushing all the buttons and the door locks. My clothes are locked inside and I can’t get them out! The control panel is blinking like it’s possessed and I’m freaking out! How do I get the door unlocked?

Okay. I can do this. I used to fix computers and the best thing to do is to unplug it and plug it back in. Will I get electrocuted because things are still blinking? I ran back upstairs and texted my husband on the golf course. I know he can’t drop what he’s doing but I need someone to talk to about this. No answer. Hmmm.

I run back downstairs and the control panel is dark. But the door is unlocked! I snatched my clothes out of there in case the machine decided to change it’s mind.

It’s official. I need a new machine. I went online and looked. Home Depot had the best prices but it’s still a lot of money. Since we’ve been married, my husband and I buy major appliances together looking at all of the options, making sure we’ve made the best decision. I did it once and he became very upset and hurt that I made a decision without consulting him. Won’t do that again!

Checked my phone and there’s no response to my text. I can’t sit still and writing is out of the question at this point. I drove to Home Depot to see if I could look at the machines I saw online. They don’t have the ones I wanted on display. Why would I expect they would?

Back home and now I’m really worried about my husband. Is he okay? It’s not like him not to respond to my texts. Is he dead? Did he lose his job and they disabled his cell phone? Is it off? Did he leave it in the car? (If I did that, he’d read me the riot act!) Bingo! He left it in the car. I was not nice.

He got home and we ordered the machine online and it will be delivered on Wednesday. I told the family, there are plenty of bath towels to use until then but there’s the, ‘but it’s my favorite towel’ song and dance. I had choice words about that too!

My husband took me out to dinner to make up for it and I had wine and relaxed. At three in the morning, I woke up because I had a dream about my characters, I ran upstairs and started writing until five. I went back to bed and slept until seven. When I read what I wrote, it made no sense and didn’t fit into the story at all. I bet they’re having a good laugh at me while I’m rewriting the scenes! I’ll get even with them! lol!