It has been a productive week of writing. Now that our social life has come back down to normal, I can breathe again and think clearly. I’ve been able to write almost everyday. I am anxious to get done with this story so this will be my first draft of it. I know how I want it to end but the characters keep taking me in different directions and throwing me off base.

Once I’m done, I’ll reread and edit the story. I want the reader to ‘feel’ the characters which means I don’t want to ‘tell’. I have a bad habit of doing just that from my years of writing Functional Specifications for programming.

When I get stuck on reworking my books, I take time out to read other successful authors and how they present their stories which helps dramatically.

My mentor is anxious to read this story as well which is another reason I’m setting a goal for myself to get up to speed.

Unlike other authors, I can only concentrate on one book at a time. Yes, I have many books I’ve started writing but usually only one calls out to me to get it completed.

Happy reading!