I am by nature, a planner. I’ve been making ‘To Do’ lists since birth. Over the years, I have come to realize that not everything goes as planned. I now make my lists with plenty of wiggle room to accomodate the unexpected.

But lately, things have become a bit overwhelming and I find that I can’t cross anything off of my list. Since when did my days become so out of control?

I’ve been working on my NHRA romance now for two years. TWO YEARS! Okay, granted The Sin Bin had to find a home, (THANK YOU, RESPLENDENCE PUBLISHING!!), Cruise Into My Heart needs to find a home but you’d think by now, I’d be done with the NHRA story.

For the last two years, it seems as if I’ve done nothing but put out fires. My house is haunted. There is no doubt about it. Every other day, something breaks down or Mother Nature decides to wreak havoc with me. (This week, we had an influx of black horse flies in the house. We killed over twenty of them. Where did they come from? Who knows? And let’s not forget a broken ankle and now I’m dealing with Plantar Faciiatis…

It’s as if the minute I sit down to write more on my story, something happens. Ugh.

Now, I’m preparing for our vacation to Maui (where the forecast is cool and rainy, really???) I told my husband I am taking my laptop with me to write. While he’s on the golf course in the rain, I’ll be at the condo writing. He’s not too happy about it, but I told him that’s the way it is. Maybe I can finish this story and move on to another!

How do other author’s find the time? I must be missing something….