Where did I find the time to write before? I swear, these last two weeks have been exhausting with taking care of personal business!  I’ve spent only one hour of writing.

This has got to change. It’s been nice outside and I’ve taken advantage of walking outside. It’s only then do my characters for my next book, Breakout Heat, have been talking to me. And they keep changing their minds about how the story goes.

When I started this last year, I had it all mapped out. But after publishing The Sin Bin and having Cruise Into My Heart rejected, I sat back and took a good long look at what I had written and sat back. There were so many errors in it, I couldn’t believe it.

I absolutely love my editor at Resplendence Publishing and she gave me excellent advice and tutoring during The Sin Bin. I want to apply everything she taught me to this endeavor.

I have a Wellness procedure on Friday so my mind will be on that. Maybe while I’m under anesthesia, the characters and I can have some productive conversations!!!