I need to work on promoting my books. I’ve gone on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pintrist. I tell everyone I meet and hand them a card of my website. I’ve asked friends to share on FB as well. Sigh.

So, the sequel to When the Runway Went South is gaining more material. Texas is experiencing winter. We had a hard freeze on Thursday and Friday. On Tuesday, I woke up and was freezing and thought I didn’t hear the heat turn on for the downstairs. My husband takes the first shower and he was at the thermostat immediately trying to figure out what was wrong. I got the “I’m from Chicago” speech, I can handle this, but you better call our guys.

Guy comes out Tuesday night and told us we had two options….one was to pour $800 into a 14 year old system which might not last too much longer or two, get a new unit. We opted for the new unit. Sales guy came out and it wasn’t as expensive as we thought it would be, so we said yes and opted for a Thursday morning install.

Thursday, the salesman calls and said they have a top of the line furnace that’s been installed but never was used in a model home. Would we be interested for a couple more hundred. Talked it over and said yes.

They arrive Thursday and said the job would take 6 hours. I told them I had to leave the house for a blood test at noon and they assured me they’d be done. They get it all installed and it doesn’t work. They called for backup while I ran and had the blood test. I got home at one and it still didn’t work. There is absolutely no heat in the house at all. Finally at 3:30 they got it to work! Yay! Heat!

I started to clean the house and my husband called to say he was leaving work early. He had to prepare for his Friday colonoscopy. Augh! He’s hungry and cranky.

Friday, is the day. My nerves are shot. I’m worried about him, I’m worried about my daughter who had a bad day at work.

It won’t get better next week. I have to take hubby’s car in for rotating the tires and a state inspection which means he’ll take my car. Which means I’ll borrow my daughter’s car and take her to work.

Wednesday he leaves for Nashville and comes home late Thursday.

Hopefully, I’ll find writing time….my characters are not happy with me right now!!