The best news of the week, was The Sin Bin was released! This book has been two years in the making and i feel blessed it finally made it! It was a last minute flurry of activity and with the hard work of my editor, it got done! I will always appreciate what she did!

In the meantime, my new dishwasher wouldn’t drain and flooded the kitchen sink. Had to wash everything by hand until someone from Whirlpool could come out on Friday. My lawnmower wouldn’t start and ended up taking it to the repair shop to see what’s wrong with it.

Tuesday, I worked on last minute edits and when done, ran errands and when i came home, the garage door spring broke. Couldn’t get into the garage. They couldn’t see me until Wednesday.

Tuesday night, my husband flew into the house after work. His beloved car broke down and was not driveable. The strut on the driver’s side broke, so the bumper of the car sat on the front tires. It sat in front of our house looking drunk.I called AAA and they said they would send out a v-wheel tow truck first thing in the morning to take it to the repair shop.

Now it gets complicated. My husband takes my car to work, leaving me my daughter’s car. But, my daughter has a job interview at 10 in the morning and needs the car. I HATE to be without a car. It’s agreed I’ll take her to her interview, even though she’s embarrassed that her mother has this phobia!

Wednesday morning at 7:30, the AAA tow truck arrived and it’s a regular tow truck. The driver refused to touch the car and told me to call AAA and ask for another provider. He took pictures of the car and sent them to AAA showing why he refused the job.

After seeing the pictures, AAA calls me to tell me that they won’t cover the towing because it’s a liability. I’m freaking out by now. This is a new car we’re talking about and no one can tow it? I called the repair shop to see if they could recommend someone and they put me in touch with someone.

Now, this is all before 8:30 am. The v-wheel tow truck arrived at 9. After much speculating, the driver and his partner figured out that they would push the car to the truck. It took us (I rarely drive this car) about ten minutes how to keep the car in neutral for them to push it. Granted, they are now blocking my driveway and the entire neighborhood is watching them trying to get the car on the bed of the truck. They notice my crooked garage door and soon I’m swamped with texts from then, if I need some prayers. Uh, yes! Prayers work for me!

The tow men are still working and I’m looking at the clock. It’s 9:45 and the interview is at 10:00. Augh! Finally, they pull away at 9:47. We jumped into the car so fast and flew to the interview with minutes to spare.

The entire time, I’m thinking I should’ve followed the tow drivers but then chided myself for being paranoid. Me and my active imagination. Interview went well and I went home to wait for the garage door company. They came at three and within thirty minutes and only $98 had a fixed door! However, I heard about the mower. The motor is dead and I need a new one. It’s cheaper to get a new mower rather than to repair this one because John Deere doesn’t make this model anymore. Great!

Whirlpool person came on Friday. The model I bought takes at least three hours to run a cycle. There is an hour cycle but it uses seven gallons of water. Guess which setting I used when the sink overflowed? Yup. Seven gallons of water rushing into a drain at once, will do it. Don’t use that cycle!

Repair shop called to tell me that the repairs of $2500, plus the towing was all covered under the warranty. Whew! I picked it up and brought it home!

Saturday, my husband and I went shopping for a new mower and found one at Sears. I’ll give it a whirl today.

To make the end of an unusual week brighter…THE CUBS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!