Two years ago, this book came out! Wow!

Thanks to my BFF, I am getting ready to submit my next book! As usual, I’m excited about it! What makes it even better, I picked up on a manuscript I started last year and I remembered what I wanted. The characters were a little miffed at me for letting them hang for a year, but I’ve been through a lot this last year! They were very forgiving.

I am a creature of habit which is how I get things done. I time everything, trying to make the most of my day. I am devastated they are closing my favorite grocery store which is less than a mile away from my house. Kroger wants to build mega stores which sell patio furniture, clothes, etc. This little Kroger was perfect for me. It was small, the employees are like family to me and I could be in and out of there in a heartbeat!

I shouldn’t complain because there are plenty of stores within a five mile radius. Two Tom Thumbs, a Super Walmart, Super Target, Whole Foods, Market Street, Sprouts and another Kroger who has a sexual deviant as a floor sweeper (but that’s another story in itself). Tom Thumb has ‘different’ brands. Target doesn’t always carry what I want, Whole Foods? $$$$$, Sprouts is natural but has good seafood, meats and produce. WalMart is okay but their produce is lousy. I’ll have to adjust, I guess…..