The 2016 NFL season has started! This is where I lose my Sunday afternoons to go to the sports bar to watch my team. And it’s not looking good for my time, so it’s going to be a long season. I will catch up with my fellow fans and their lives.

I have been such a space cadet this week. I’ve been working on a detailed synopsis of my latest book, Cruise into My Heart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewritten it. Which means I’m not getting enough sleep.

On Thursday, I ran errands and driving home, I noticed my watch was missing. ??? I back tracked and someone had found it in the parking lot and brought it to the store’s lost and found. I’ve had this watch a long time.

Friday, I went to a store a couple of towns away because they were having a clearance on patio stuff. I chatted with the sales clerk because we got on the subject of Ontario, Canada. He used to live there and my sister lives there. Packed up my purchase and drove back home to the grocery store. Went to pay and noticed my credit card was missing. I left it at the first store. I frantically called and yes, he had it locked in the store safe. I had to drive all the way back there in rush hour traffic to get it.

I need a day off from me!