Labor Day weekend! Woo hoo! Doing things around the house while I have time between writing. My sister and her husband from Illinois, are coming for a four day visit next week. I haven’t seen them in over 8 years.

My sister has lost a tremendous amount of weight and I’m so proud of her. Eighty pounds in a two year period. She said she feels so much better and feels more energetic. I love to work out and walk, so I’m anxious to show her the walking trails around here.

But another good thing about their visit, things are getting done around the house. You know those chores you keep putting off? Windows cleaned, touch up paint jobs, lawn work, gardens weeded.

After our trip to Canada and meeting my family’s new dogs, I’m hunkering down to search for one for our family. My husband is against it because he doesn’t want to go through the ordeal of putting one down again. But meeting those two dogs and petting them, lowered his blood pressure and we need more of it. I thought of appeasing him by suggesting we name him, Ernie Banks. (My husband is a die-hard Cub’s fan!) Good idea?